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Jan Baan publiceert eBook

“After having built a successful international commercial enterprise like the Baan Company, I had not thought I would ever again have the opportunity to introduce a product to the market that could potentially have such a large impact on so many companies. Nonetheless, it has happened – and I am absolutely convinced that Cordys will have a greater impact than Baan Company ever had. I would like to share a glimpse of Cordys’ exciting journey so far and my personal view on what the future may bring. The future may just possibly be even more extraordinary for it’s not about next-generation software; it’s about next-generation business. The future is now, for this very day there’s a new company getting ready to wreak creative destruction in almost every industry, but without throwing away IT investments from the past. This book tells you the story of my life as an entrepreneur. About my successes and my mistakes, which both have been essential for the road that eventually has lead to a new episode: Cordys. ”